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BS-200i Body Shaker



BS-200i Body Shaker

Transforms the sound of our simulator into motion by placing it in the seat of our cockpit.

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Brand Reckhorn
Model BS-200
Product weight 1.3 kg
Product Dimensions 16.5 x 16 x 5 cm
BS-200 Product Model Number

By placing it under our seat we can transform the sounds of the game into movements and transfer them to the seat. We can feel the roar of the engine when giving accelerations on the grill or the bumps and jumps in our favorite rally game. It really is a very successful solution to increase the sense of realism in both car and flight simulators. To think that it is like a force seat feedback.

Highly recommended to connect to the center line or subwoofer in a 5.1 sound system to get all the juice. How it works by sound is compatible with all games, game consoles and computers. Easy to install and configure.

It needs amplifier, support and cables so we have a pack of everything you need also on the web

 Body shaker for home, car audio, games and therapy BS-200i

Feel the sound! Experience the bass!

The new BS-200i has gold-colored connectors and comes with the following improvements:

- The magnet is made of a stronger material and is slightly larger

- The vibration is slightly deeper

Technical Specifications: 
power handling RMS 
impulse power - 2 seconds
100 Watt
200 Watt
4 Ohm
158 mm
45 mm
1,2 kg

The superiority of the BS-200i is based on high-quality components and tightly tolerated tuning. The 75mm voice coil has the highest possible heat resistance of 250° Celsius. The aluminium housing cools the voice coil by heat dissipation and ventilation. The moving magnet system is securely guided with two glass fiber reinforced centerings even at high power. The resonant frequency is around 35 Hz (resonant frequency), which results in very controlled bass impulses against a softer suspension with consequently a spongy sound feeling. The amplifier low-pass setting we recommend 50-80 Hz for movies and 100-150 Hz for games, racing etc.

The thick poles take cables up to 4mm² or banana plugs. A recommendable amplifier is the RECKHORN A-409 with very extensive controls or the stronger A-800 for up to 6 bass shakers. The underside must lie flat and over the entire surface on the vibrating surface. The best screw connection is with particleboard screws + toothed washer.
Anschlußmöglichkeiten BS-200

Suitable cables can be found

BS-200i Körperschallwandler 
Applications: home + car audio, games and various therapies.

Each packing comes with 4 x G-44 rubber dampers and screw set. 



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BS-200i Body Shaker

BS-200i Body Shaker

BS-200i Body Shaker

Transforms the sound of our simulator into motion by placing it in the seat of our cockpit.