Zalem V27 Logitech G27

    Zalem V27 Logitech



    Complatible with steering wheel Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920 and pedals in normal position.

    It is the base pillar of the zalem, its small size, resistance and possibilities of regulation make it possible to adapt it to any pilot constitution (from a child to a large adult).

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    It houses the basic peripherals (seat, steering wheel and pedals) offering the possibility to expand peripherals by means of detachable accessories such as theLogitech G29gear adapter, monitors, keyboard, flight controls, footrests... found in the accessories section.

    This Cockpit incorporates the new pedal fixing design. This system allows the placement of the pedals in both normal and invert system if we add the corresponding accessory. It also offers millimeter adjustment of pedal tilt and height with ease when fixed with a specific frame for each pedal model (in this case supplied for G29 Logitech pedals). Perfect fixing of the pedals by screws is guaranteed and just by changing this frame in the future if needed, we will make the simulator compatible with any different pedal model.


    - Closed steering wheel base and compatible with any steering wheel on the market. Logitech G25, G27, G29, T500 and all Thrustmaster and Fanatec models.

    - Height-regulating legs give the Cockpit more stability by being able to adapt to the small irregularities that the floor may have. They also allow you to modify the height of the pedals to the ground to be able to adapt them perfectly to our foot size. The legs ensure that delicate floors such as parquet or platform can be damaged at any time and being the elevated Cockpit of the floor we can pass the wiring of the electronics underneath, obtaining a final assembly of the simulator with few visible cables and better aesthetics.

    - New pedal fixing the new pedal fixing system of the Zalem V27 offers the possibility of placing the pedals of the Logitech G29, Thrustmaster T500 RS or any Fanatec model both in normal and inverted system. It also allows the adjustment of the inclination and height of them to the millimeter and significantly improves compatibility when changing the steering wheel because only by replacing the specific frame that holds the pedals can any other model be placed; If we add to this that the steering wheel base is now compatible with all steering wheel we can ensure that the Zalem V27 can be compatible with any existing steering wheel and future models.

    Maximum length:
    Long playing position:
    120-130cm approx.
    Length collected:
    Base steering wheel height:
    45 - 60cm
    Box measurements:
    actual weight:
    18kg (without seat)
    The simulators are made of carbon steel. They are then treated with a zinc coating to protect them from oxidation/corrosion and eventually thermo-hardened powder paint is applied to them, or also called baked paints.
    All our parts and accessories take into account the design, functionality and finishes but by enzyme of all this robustness. Thousands of orders served and 0 pieces returned by breakage we believe is the best guarantee.
    Zalem regulations are fixed by 10mm screws with manual solid head tightening in phenolic resin. These screws make regulation convenient and fast by not needing any tools.
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