Logitech Driving Force GT

    Driving Force GT Logitech Steering wheel

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    The play experience with PLAYSTATION®3 comes to life thanks to the official Gran Turismo™.

    Feel the strength
    Feel the weight change, traction loss and surface conditions: feel the real road and drive much better.

    It's like being behind the wheel of a real race car with 900-degree steering wheel rotation (i.e. two and a half turns).

    Ready for action? You can use this product with many current games, including:

    • Gran Turismo™ 5 Prologue (PS3) by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    • Need for Speed™: Undercover (PS3, PC) de Electronic Arts
    • Midnight Club Los Angeles (PS3) by Rockstar Games
    • Many other compatible games

    With Force Feedback and 900-degree rotation, Gran Turismo's official steering wheel™ makes the playstation®3 automotive experience come to life.

    • Force Feedback
      You'll feel every inch of road to enable maximum control and deliver an unmatched automotive experience. Force Feedback. He sits down.
    • 900-degree steering wheel rotation
      Two and a half turns of the steering wheel, like in real cars. Are you passionate about simulation games? Find out how simulation games become more real with Logitech.
    • 28 cm rubber-coated ring
      Comfortable support, even in the most intense races.
    • Adjustment disc with 24 positions
      You can instantly and accurately adjust brakes, traction system and other functions for unprecedented control of car performance.
    • Accelerator and brake pedals
      Realistic pedals offer precise throttle and brake response.
    • Sequential shift lever
      To change gears with full control.
    • One-piece Steering wheel
      To drive without fear of the steering wheel squeaking or deforming during aggressive manoeuvres.
    • Optimized for the most popular games
      You'll be able to see and feel every movement of the steering wheel in the game, virtually without interference or delay.
    • Optical coding
      Reliability and precision one race after another.
    • PC-compatible software
      You can download the software and make it compatible with your PC racing games.

    Force Feedback. Feel the power.

    • Enjoy the experience.
      Force Feedback technology offers much more than non-directional vibration, accurately reflecting game action. Whether you're bouncing off the wall in Daytona or being attacked by anti-aircraft fire in Dresden, with Force Feedback, you'll feel it like never before.
    • Drive better
      You can maximize car horses or drive day and night to improve your technique. But road conditions can only be transmitted through the steering wheel.
    • In addition to an accurate record of collisions, Steering wheels with Force Feedback provide information on car performance. Accelerate too fast and you'll feel like you're starting to lose control of the wheels. Lose control of the back of the car and the steering wheel will fight you as you turn to regain control.

    System requirements

    • PlayStation®2 or PLAYSTATION video game console®3

    Box contents

    • Steering wheel with Force Feedback
    • Accelerator and brake pedals
    • Power supply
    • User documentation

    More information on the manufacturer's website:

    Warranty: 2 years.

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