Adaptador de teclado
Adaptador de teclado
Adaptador de teclado
Adaptador de teclado
Adaptador de teclado
Adaptador de teclado

Keyboard adapter

Allows you to place a keyboard to the left of the steering wheel.

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The keyboard is tilted for better key display and offers the possibility to rotate it to a more comfortable position or simply rotate it so that it does not bother us when we are not going to use it.

If the Zalem is going to be used on a PC this accessory is highly recommended because even in car simulators and especially flight there are controls that are assigned to the keyboard and quick and convenient access to these will make us gain a very valuable time.

It is located to the left of the steering wheel and not to the right for the simple reason that the right side can be used to place a mouse, sequential changes or other obligated add-ons to the right.

If the unit is ordered with this accessory it is served with the hole necessary for placement on the steering wheel base. If not ordered with the Zalem unit it will be at the customer's own to make a 10mm drill in the left corner of the steering wheel base for placement. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions with this accessory.

If someone left-handed, please let them know and we will modify any product that is necessary.

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