Flight adapters
    Adapters flight
    Flight adapters
    Flight adapters
    Adapters flight
    Flight adapters

    Flight adapters

    Allows a Hotas flight system to be placed in Zalem V27 or EVE Cockpit

    Saitek X52 / X52 pro - Saitek X55 / X56 Rhino - Thrustmaster WARTHOG - Logitech G940

    Cockpit Model
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    These adapters are made of metal with a 10mm thick polystone machined base. Depending on the hotas to be mounted the bases will be different.

    Cockpit model We select whether we have a Zalem V27 or EVE

    Hotas We select the model of Hotas or joysticks that we are going to place

    Warthog Central Adapter We say "yes" when we own this hotas and we want to be able to place it between the legs as well.

    As standard, parts 1-2-6 are included

    Choosing WARTHOG center adapter adds 3-4 parts

    If you don't have a change adapter, we'll need Part 5 (communicate it in this case)

    All hardware included

    * Warthog central adapter (only compatible with Hotas Warthog)

    This Hotas allows you to disassemble the metal support plate of the joystick so that it can be screwed centered (between the legs). This accessory allows it to be placed in this position with adjustment in height, distance and rotation of the same.

    4 self-tapping screws are supplied for mounting so you will need a star-tipped screwdriver or drill for placement.

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