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Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)
Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)

Thrustmaster T128 (PS4, PS5, PC)

Thrustmaster's T128 racing wheel features the HYBRID DRIVE system, which combines a belt and gear mechanism to provide immersive and versatile Force Feedback, delivering 20% ​​more power (compared to previous hybrid racing wheels). Thrustmaster T150).

Awaken your driving instincts with the T128 Immersive Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Experience driving sensations through the steering wheel thanks to Force Feedback HYBRID DRIVE, enjoy a totally immersive experience and develop your driving skills. Optimize racing trajectories, control drifts and outperform rivals with the T128 and its T2PM pedal set, thanks to the very precise magnetic technology included in both.

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Immersive Force Feedback

The HYBRID DRIVE technology of the Force Feedback system allows gamers to experience all the fun and intuitive sensations of driving. The weight of each vehicle, potholes and impacts, loss of tire grip when cornering and types of road surface can all be felt through the steering wheel, for immersive driving that will awaken your driving instincts.

Magnetic shift paddles

Thanks to H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology, the shift paddles allow super fast gear changing (response time of 30 milliseconds) with clear and precise activation, for sporty performance and avoiding driving errors. This patented technology, delivered through a frictionless, non-contact magnetic system, provides exceptional long-term durability.

Engine speed LED

The 4-color LED strip allows you to monitor engine speed without taking your eyes off the road. The LEDs flash when you need to shift to a higher gear, allowing you to optimize gear shifting. The list of compatible games on PlayStation and PC is regularly updated on the Thrustmaster support website.

Responsive and versatile design

The round, lightweight rim harnesses the full power of the Force Feedback system for maximum speed. Its turning angle from 270º to 900º is automatically adjusted according to the vehicle used in the game, to achieve driving adapted to all vehicle styles (GT, rally, F1, trucks). Thanks to the racing wheel's 13 action buttons, you won't have to use a gamepad.

Fixing system for desks and tables

The included clamp-based mounting system is easy to mount and you don't need any tools to quickly install the racing wheel before your gaming sessions and store it afterwards if needed. The clamp fits desks and tables up to 5.5cm thick.

Magnetic pedal set

The T2PM magnetic pedal set included with the racing wheel offers incredible millisecond precision for crisp acceleration and well-proportioned braking. The T2PM pedal set offers a completely fluid experience without the risk of losing precision like in more traditional pedal sets equipped with potentiometers, making it a powerful and reliable aid to improve your driving skills.

Immersive Force Feedback to really experience the sensations of driving: speed, surfaces, bumps and impacts or loss of tire grip

Engine speed LED to optimize gear shifting

Magnetic shift paddles (patented H.E.A.R.T technology) for instant response and clear shift feel

Modern design including 13 buttons, suitable for all styles of vehicles and games

Quick fixing system suitable for desks and tables up to 5.5 cm thick

Set of 2 magnetic pedals (patented H.E.A.R.T technology) with 12-bit precision that won't degrade over time

Next generation HYBRID DRIVE technology that offers 20% more power than other Thrustmaster hybrid racing wheels (T150 series)

Officially licensed for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and compatible with PC (Windows 10/11)


Colors: Black, gray


Playstation 5

Playstation 4


Product Origin: Designed in France and Canada / Made in China

Dimensions and weight:

Width: 260mm

Depth: 300mm

Height: 280mm

Weight: 4,098g

Box contents:

T128 racing wheel

T2PM pedal set

48-watt power supply + power cord

Anchor and screw system

USB Cable

Quick Installation Guide and Warranty Information

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