Support V2 screen dashboard telemetry

Support V2 telemetry dashboard display

It allows us to place the 5" or 7" screen on the body of our steering wheel to monitor the information we want in the race.

Compatible with telemetry software such as Z1 Dashboard and DashMeterPro

Very soon we will have stock of panels for the other Steering wheels on the list

To wheel base:
HDMI and USB cable 2 meters
Tax included


5" or 7" type C IPS capture display (the best panel quality we have found a reasonable price)

Resolution:1024x600 pixels

HDMI output and USB power on the side

Designed with black thermo-lacquered aluminum housing, adjustable in height and with a thickness of only 18mm screen.

Having in sight and in real time countless important data about the circuit, our car or times will greatly help us in the strategy of driving and entering pits to give an example.

Z1Dashboard for example is a tool that allows you to get the most out of driving, depending on the experience of each rider. Fuel management and pit stop strategy are two crucial aspects of racing. There are real-time circuit maps, showing the position of the different pilots, and even the software accurately calculates the position we would have if we entered pits at a given time. From a strategy point of view, Z1Dashboard allows you to calculate fuel with two significant figures, and provides us with timely information about lap times, consumption and other telemetry data. Z1Dashboard has panels that indicate how much fuel is needed to finish the race, average consumption per lap, last lap consumption or consumption of a certain number of laps. The software can interact with the simulator correctly, to optimally calculate and configure the refueling. Telemetry is another great aspect of sim racing. Z1Dashboard provides information (which can be used remotely) of tire telemetry, temperatures, g-forces and pilot inputs, all graphically

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