Simulators Zalem guarantees as existing laws and the following conditions all structures, components and other products it distributes.


To complain about the lack of conformity of the product, the consumer can contact us as well as the product  manufacturer (in case we dont make it). The law establishes a general term of 2 years from acquisition to manifest the problem.

  • When the lack of conformity becomes apparent after 6 months and in doubtful cases, the manufacturer may require an independent expert's report to process a warranty. In obvious cases of malfunction or irregular operation under warranty there is no problem whatsoever.

  • In any case, during the time the customer is deprived of the product, warranty time will not count, for example, if a product repair lasts 15 days, the final warranty period will remain 15 days later than originally planned.
  • Any manufacturer that holds more than 2 years warranty to mark the current law, you must deal directly with the manufacturer and not Zalem Simulators.
  • Shipping costs incurred in processing the product warranty will be paid by Zalem Simulators in cases where its assumed that there is a lack of conformity in the goods purchased. It will always be under the instructions of Zalem Simulators, upon application and acceptance.


NOTE: when the customer is a company (not a physical person), shipping costs towards our facilities will be payed by customer, since the law does not regulate purchases between companies.


The customer can claim if:

The acquired item does not fit the description given by the seller.

The acquired item does not have the qualities that the customer has seen in a sample.

The acquired item does not serve the purposes for which is made.


  • Repair or replace. First thing to do is send the product to repair or replace. Choice rests on the seller, determined  on the costs each option generates. Seller can choose the most convenient to their interests, provided that the customer will not assume any inconvenience.

  • NOTE: Currently there are many manufacturers that, for providing a quality customer service, manage the faults/defects/incidences with their products without any cost for the customer. In this cases, Zalem Simulators will indicate the instructions to process the warranty.

  • We cant replace consumables or second hand items.

  • Both repair and replacement must be made in a reasonable time and totally free of charge for the customer.

  • Price reduction or contract termination. where its not possible (or reasonable) replace the product with a new one, and if the repair or the replacement does not serve to make the product according to what the seller offers, the customer can choose between a price reduction or contract termination. In addition, the consumer has the right to be compensated for damages.


  • Improper use, handling or maintenance of the item, media kit, peripherial or component by the customer

  • Software problems or virus.

  • Components burned by overvoltage.

  • Broken or damaged components subjected to impact.

  • Improper repair, modification or extension by the customer.

  • Deterioration, removal or hiding of the manufacturer warranty label from Zalem Simulators by the customer. We will not accept any damaged material, without packaging or with visible evidence of improper handling.


Excluded from warranty any defects and damage caused by external events, accidents, electrical accidents mainly due to wear and use not in accordance with the instructions of Zalem simulators.

Warranty also excludes products modified or repaired by the customer or any other person not authorized by Zalem Simulators, also products that are the subject of a specific support contract.

Zalem Simulators is not responsible for the personal information contained in the PC or storage unit. The customer is responsible for any data or information on the material to be repaired and he must do a relevant backup.

- Incorrect software / hardware configuration by customer.

- Incorrect software / hardware configuration or equipment malfunction caused by a component not supplied by Zalem Simulators and incorporated by the customer.

- Computer virus infection, by customer, on computers, hard drives or floppy drivers or additional software.

- The repair of the above will be charged: Repair Fee: 20 Euros. (Plus VAT) per hour.

These warranty conditions do not affect consumer's statutory rights protected by the applicable national legislation.

Certain manufacturers provide a phone number to call to request Technical Assistance Service to facilitate the warranty process. In this case the customer must send the damaged product directly to the manufacturer, gusually at no cost to the customer.