List of products by brand Zalem Simuladores

Manufacture and distribution of driving and flight simulators.

We manufacture and distribute driving and flight seats.

- Real racing seats ensure comfort in the Cockpit.
- Cockpit adjustable to each user's complexion allows children and adults to be used.
- Ease of assembly and manual adjustment to reduce occupied space when not in use.
- Allow to place most market flyers and flight systems.
- Great variety of accessories and accessories.
- Compatible with PC, Playstation and Xbox.
- Specialists in customized modifications and simulators on request.

PRO Shifter mount

    PRO change adapter

    Allows you to position the gear shift to the right or left of our seat.Adjustable in distance and height, all hardware included.Choose the change model you're going to mount to the right of the product
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    Keyboard stand PRO
    • Out-of-Stock

    PRO keyboard adapter

    Allows you to place a keyboard to the left or right of the steering wheel on the Zalem PRO and PRO EcoAdjustable in height, distance and rotation.
    articulated profiles for the Zalem PRO

      PRO turn bearings

      Bearing profiles intended for the Zalem PRO, allow to regulate the inclination of the steering wheel baseIncluded profiles with pre-assembled ball joint (2 units)(steering wheel base not included)
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      Adapter ClubSport handbrake
      • Out-of-Stock

      Progressive HandBrake Adapter

      It allows you to position our handbrake to the right of the steering wheel.Progressive Hydraulic HandBrake / RallyOn the right you choose whether to mount on Zalem V27 or Zalem EVE (they are different)
      Pack Volante RALLY

        RALLY Steering wheel Pack

        Configurable pack where we can choose the type of adapter + cams and steering wheel we want for our Logitech G25 or Logitech G27 With pack purchase we offer a tighter price than separate parts. If you do not purchase a steering wheel, specify the type of steering wheel you will be mounting in observations when placing the order to send the appropriate cam...
        Product in stock
        Button Steering Wheel Adapter for Logitech G27

          Real steering panel with buttons (logitech G27)

          It allows you to place a real steering wheel and also improves the position and quality of the buttons on the G27Very fast installation, the adapter incorporates 2 sockets compatible with G27 Logitech electronics, plug in and you're done!Pre-assembled and all necessary screws included
          Product in stock
          Panel volante real con botones Logitech G29

            Real steering panel with G29 Logitech buttons

            Allows you to place a real steering wheel and in turn house 14 buttons YOU NEED TO WIRE FROM G29 BOARD TO BUTTONS Supplied: - 10mm thick black or carbon polystone machined panel - 14 pushbuttons of different color. - Screws for panel, nuts and screws for real steering wheel. - Welding cables You just have to worry about welding well!
            Product in stock

              SIDE STEEL ZALEM

              Necessary for mounting basketball with side bindingsNothing to envy of branded sides much more expensive- Zalem sides (2 units)- Can be mounted with any side fixing kit.- Allow to adjust the drumstick in inclination and height.
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              Soportes Altavoces

                Speaker Brackets

                These brackets are perfect for the vast majority of surround sound speakers. Once the speakers are placed, you can hide the cables inside the brackets and adjust the height of the cables according to your position.
                Replenishing stock
                Soporte pantalla 7" Dashboard Telemetría

                  Support Screen 7" Telemetry Dashboard

                  It allows you to place a 7" TFT display on our steering wheel to monitor telemetry in real time.Included:-Height adjustable duralumin support.-8mm metra quilato spacer.7" display with optional chargerZ1-Dashboard not included
                  Product in stock
                  BT LED DISPLAY Support

                    Support thrustmaster BT LED DISPLAY

                    It allows you to place the bluetooth display Thrustmaster in our steering wheel base in the best way.Compatible with Thrustmaster T150, T300, T500, TS-PC, TS-XW, T-GTAdjustable in height and depth.Display only compatible with Playstation 4 (not PC)Display only included if selected to the right of the product
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