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ButtKicker GAMER 2 Support

    Vibration System (bodyshakers)

    Kit ready to install 2 vibrators under our seat The Kit includes: - Metal base with silentblocks - 2 BS-200i vibrators - 1 unit Amplifier 2X175W with power supply - 1 cable from 2 RCA to Jack - Quality connection cables between the BS-200i and amplifier
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    Custom 320mm Aluminum Shifter Paddles for Logitech G25 & G27

      320mm long cams

      We replace the original cams with these when we have placed a real steering wheel on our g25/g27 with a diameter of 320mm.Supplied in black, if you want in silver check date
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      Logitech G27 / G25 Steering Wheel Adapter

        Real steering wheel adapter

        Machined cookie to make the same paper as a pineapple in a real car.Allows you to attach a real steering wheel Logitech g25/g27 (we lose the original buttons)
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        Button Steering Wheel Adapter for Logitech G27

          Real steering panel with buttons (logitech G27)

          It allows you to place a real steering wheel and also improves the position and quality of the buttons on the G27Very fast installation, the adapter incorporates 2 sockets compatible with G27 Logitech electronics, plug in and you're done!Pre-assembled and all necessary screws included
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          Keyboard stand PRO

            PRO keyboard adapter

            Allows you to place a keyboard to the left or right of the steering wheel on the Zalem PRO and PRO EcoAdjustable in height, distance and rotation.
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            Seat Sparco R100

              Seat Sparco r100 Black Sky

              Seat Sparco R100R100 Sparco in synthetic leather (sky), good quality and finishes, reclining semi-jacket.
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              Magnetized adhesive emblems

                Magnetized adhesive emblems

                Magnet of stickers emblems Choose the amount of emblems you want Magnetized (additional cost of 1euros)
                VESA75 / VESA100 monitor...

                  VESA75 / VESA100 monitor support plates

                  Bindings plates vesa75 / 100 Compatible with 40 aluminum profiles M4 or M5 screw holes M6 screw slots Contents: 2 folded aluminum plates (for mounting 1 monitor) SCREWS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRODUCT
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                  F1 Pedal Mod Logitech G

                    Mod F1 for Logitech G pedals

                    Modification in which we change the pedal plates and unify brake and clutch into a single pedal.Compatible with pedals Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920Package includes:- Accelerator plate- Brake and clutch unifying plate.- Screws for mounting.
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                    Mod Thrustmaster magnetic...

                      Mod Thrustmaster magnetic paddle shifter

                      They allow to pass the cam system by spring from thrustmaster to magneticAn improvement in touch, speed in the change of enormous cams. Highly recommended !!COMPATIBLE WITH THRUSTMASTER T300, TX, TS-XW AND TS-PC
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                      TS-XW servo base (PC - XBOXONE)

                        TS-XW servo base (PC - XBOXONE)

                        Thrustmaster TS-XW Servo Base Force Feedback Racing Steering wheel Base, Powerful Servomotor Brushless, Turbo Power, Xbox Series X-S compatible and PC Body only, does not include hoop
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                        articulated profiles for the Zalem PRO

                          PRO turn bearings

                          Bearing profiles intended for the Zalem PRO, allow to regulate the inclination of the steering wheel baseIncluded profiles with pre-assembled ball joint (2 units)(steering wheel base not included)
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                          Zalem PRO Eco
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                          Zalem PRO Eco

                          Zalem "vitamin" Mainly intended for Direct Drive steering wheel and high-end products for the simracer but fully compatible with any steering wheel and pedals on the market. - 50mm steel outer structure - Interior profiles heavy structural aluminum 45mm. Seat, steering wheel and accessories not included
                          adjustable feet

                            Adjustable legs

                            PVC-based regulatory threaded legs
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                            Cockpit rubber feet / studs

                              Cockpit rubber feet / studs

                              Resistant and good quality 38 x 33mm rubber studsPrepared with hole with internal metal reinforcement for M6 screwsThe product includes:- 6 rubber studs- 6 M6x25mm screws- 6 nuts for 8mm or 10mm slot (choose the profile slot width)Resultados de traResistant and good quality 38 x 33mm rubber studs Prepared with hole with internal...
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                              Velcro strips

                                WRC sticker/sticker emblem

                                WRC Championship emblem with 5.6cm diameter 2 different models (black or carbon background)
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