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Magnetized adhesive emblems

Magnet of stickers emblems Choose the amount of emblems you want Magnetized (additional cost of 1euros)

Table stand for Hotas

Allows you to place a flight system on a table or desk Adapters entirely in Aluminum and steel allow us to place the hotas in a comfortable and firm way. CONFIGURABLE PRODUCT: - Color (aluminum color or black thermo-lacquer) - Joystick (1 joystick holder) - Gases (1 gas lever holder) - Joystick + gases (The 2 joy and gas brackets)
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Velcro strips

Velcro strips for ordering cables (20 units)
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Real steering wheel adapter Logitech G29 and G920

Double machined cookie to make the same paper as a pineapple in a real car. Allows you to attach a real steering wheel to Logitech g29/g920 ONLY ADAPTER AND HARDWARE REQUIRED INCLUDED (ACTUAL CAMS AND STEERING WHEEL NOT INCLUDED) EXPLANATORY VIDEO MONTAGE
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V2 steering wheel Thrustmaster

Adapter that allows to place a real steering wheel Thrustmaster TX, T300, T500 and TS series A simple and inexpensive way to make any car steering wheel compatible. Highly recommended. Pre-assembled aluminum plate is supplied in thread and screws required for steering wheel mounting. EXPLANATORY VIDEO MONTAGE
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Zalem ALU

Zalem ALUNew cockpit Zalem 2021Made of structural aluminum profilesThe best value for moneyMOUNTING PHOTOS
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V2 Logitech G cams

We replace the original cams with these when we have placed a real steering wheel on our g25/g27/g29 Compatible with 300 to 350mm diameter steering wheels, flat and displaced. EXPLANATORY VIDEO MONTAGE If you do not buy the steering wheel on our website, fill in the tab below, there are variants of cams depending on the steering wheel that is mounted.
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Triple articulated monitor stand ALU

To improve the field of view and the feeling of immersion in the simulation, 3 monitors can be used. This bracket gives us the possibility of correctly mounting 3 screens between 19 and 32 "using vesa75 or vesa 100. Compatible with any chassis, not necessarily having to be a Zalem structure. All hardware included MOUNTING PHOTOS
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ALU keyboard adapter

Keyboard adapter for Zalem ALU and ALU PRO cockpits Thanks to the sliding pieces, it allows you to perfectly adjust any keyboard model We will have our keyboard firm and in good position THE PHOTO IS OF THE BLACK THERMAL COATED MODEL, IT CAN BE GRAY / BLACK ALSO (SELECTABLE COLOR)
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Mod F1 for T500, T3PA, T3PA Pro, and T-LCM pedals

Modification in which we change the pedal plates and unify brake and clutch into a single pedal.Package includes:- Accelerator plate- Brake and clutch unifying plate.The screws for mounting are the same (not needed)IMPORTANT TO SELECT PEDAL MODEL ON THE RIGHT
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Seat Sparco R333

Seat Sparco R333 higher than the BC and FK and much wider than these. Adjustable backrest, Does not incorporate slides as standard.
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8mm slot caps type I

8mm slot caps type I Black slot covers for Zalem ALU and ALU PRO They are great for attaching cables inside the grooves They can be easily cut to size Supplied in 1 meter sections
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Pack of emblems with magnet

Quick emblem change system via Magnet Change the emblem of your steering wheel quickly according to the car brand of the simulator! Indicate the reference of the 3 emblems you want below Included in pack: emblem bra and 3 magnetized emblem units. EXPLANATORY VIDEO MONTAGE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ORIGINAL LOGITECH OR THRUSTMASTER (70MM REAL ONLY)
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ALU monitor / TV support

New support model for 22 "to 60" screens from the ALU range 2 versions to choose from: - Model with VESA75 and VESA100 for montiores - model for TV up to VESA600 from 32 "to 60"
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Cockpit Zalem ALU Folding

Zalem ALU Folding New Zalem 2022 cockpit (does not include seat, steering wheel and pedals) Structure for people who have limited space but do not want to give up having a complete and quality cockpit to enjoy simracing to the fullest! VIDEO PRESENTAtION
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ECO Sparco Slides

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ALU mouse board XL

Aluminum plate that we can place in the Zalem ALU and ALU PRO It allows us to have the mouse of our PC accessible while sitting in our cockpit THE MOUSE PLATES ARE ALWAYS BLACK, THE COLOR IS FOR THE 30CM BAR IF IT IS INCLUDED IF THE COCKPIT HAS A BRIDGE, THE 30CM BAR WILL NOT BE NEEDED
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Zalem ALU wheel system
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Zalem ALU wheel system

Retractable wheel system for cockpit (price by unit) They allow us to have our Zalem ALU in any of its versions with the stability of the rubber blocks and at the same time extend some wheels to move it easily if necessary. Very practical for cockpits that are moved often or for cleaning.   - Buy 2 units (for Zalem ALU Foldable) - Buy 4 units...
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Z-1 Sports Seat

FK-1 Sports Seat good finishes in sanity, reclining and sliding included.
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Seat Sparco R100

Seat Sparco R100 higher than the BC and FK and much wider than these. Adjustable backrest, Does not incorporate slides as standard.
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