Here you can find the hardware designed to mount in our simulators. Wheels with powerful Force Feedback like the Logitech G27, shifters in H and sequential as the Thrustmaster TH8RS or the likes of Fanatec are some of the items in this section may choose and surely will give many hours of fun.

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    Here you can find products for virtual flight yokes that enhance the realism and sensations on commercial flights or hotas systems "Hands On Throttle-And-Stick" that provide precision and control over the combat aircrafts. This products are mandatory if you want a quality simulation given the complexity and large number of parameters to control that would be not possible with this products.

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    Sliding around a gravelly curve or screaming through Monaco, dual-motor force feedback and a six-speed shifter make the world’s greatest circuits feel closer than ever.

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    PS3 racing gets real with the official wheel of Gran Turismo Hold on to your seat. Designed from the pedals up for PLAYSTATION 3 and Gran Turismo, this racing wheel lets you feel every bump in the road, crash and tire spin with jaw-dropping realism. With true-to-life race car steering, shifting, braking and acceleration, your game gets so real you may...

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    To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Ferrari® brand, Thrustmaster presents the TS-PC RACER Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition racing wheel. TS-PC RACER

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    The very first display unit featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology, officially licensed for PlayStation®4

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    Next Level Racing Motion Simulator Platform V3 Pagnian Imports introduced the third iteration of their Next Level Racing Motion Platform.

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  • Thrustmaster have worked in cooperation with Ferrari since 1999 and now proudly present the T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition gaming headset. Ref: 4060105 EAN: 3362934001773

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    Thrustmaster TSS HANDBRAKE SPARCO Mod Now compatible on Xbox One, PS4 & PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) ! Officially licensed by Sparco, the N°1 motorSport equipment maker in the world2 modes: handbrake and sequential shifter modesCompatible on PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows 10, 8, 7)Horizontal Mode Add-On included: handbrake from Rally to GT position

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    TM Sim Hub The TM SIM HUB allows to connect up to 4 Thrustmaster add-ons simultaneously on compatible Thrustmaster wheel bases.

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Showing 31 - 39 of 39 items