Here you can find a variety of additional accessories and components that can be included in our base Cockpit to support new peripherals. Having a well positioned mouse or keyboard, a stand to be able to place the monitor or TV at a correct height and distance or be able to place some changes in H or shifter to the right of our seat are some of the functions that make these brackets.

footrest adapter

    Footrest adapter

    Part that is fixed to the left of the clutch and offers a foot rest base when clutch use is not intensive (A Very Long Straight for Example ).
    ButtKicker GAMER 2 Support

      ButTKICKER GAMER 2 support

      Support for incorporating the Buttkicker Gamer 2 into any Zalem Cockpitdoes not include Buttkicker Garmer 2
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      Soportes Altavoces

        Speaker Brackets

        These brackets are perfect for the vast majority of surround sound speakers. Once the speakers are placed, you can hide the cables inside the brackets and adjust the height of the cables according to your position.
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        Wheels with brakes

          Wheels displacement

          ZALEM V27 WHEEL PACK (6 UNITS)Instead of serving threaded legs, they are replaced by braked wheels.
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          Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG table stand

            Table stand for Hotas

            Allows you to place a flight system on a table or desk Adapters entirely in Aluminum and steel allow us to place the hotas in a comfortable and firm way. CONFIGURABLE PRODUCT: - Color (aluminum color or black thermo-lacquer) - Joystick (1 joystick holder) - Gases (1 gas lever holder) - Joystick + gases (The 2 joy and gas brackets)
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            Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG plates

              HOTAS WARTHOG Thrustmaster Plates

              Allows a flight system to be Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG in an aluminum cockpitAluminum plates machined in 6mm thick (very resistant) prepared for countersink M6 screwsTHE ORDER IS 2 PLATES (JOY + GASES) if you wanted only 1 unit, contact.HAMMERS/SLOT FIXING NUTS NOT INCLUDED (DEPENDS ON PROFILE MODEL)
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              Keyboard table stand
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              Keyboard table stand

              Allows you to place a keyboard in the center of the table Adapter and keyboard plate made entirely of aluminum and steel allow us to place a keyboard comfortably and firmly. CONFIGURABLE PRODUCT: - Color (aluminum color or black thermo-lacquered)
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