Screws and extras

There are people who decide to manufacture their own structures or want to modify the ones they already have. In this section we include pieces that can help you in this task. From Zalem Simuladores we support people who have the time and resources to manufacture their own structures and if they need any particular parts or advice in their manufacture do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you as much as possible.

Tornillos manuales

    Manual screws

    Manual screws with solid head in phenolic resin and 10mm thread diameter
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    Tuercas largas precortadas

      Pre-cut long nuts

      10mm diameter nuts pre-cut to 45o at one end
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      adjustable feet

        Adjustable legs

        PVC-based regulatory threaded legs
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        Velcro strips

          Velcro strips

          Velcro strips for ordering cables (20 units)
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          Velcro strips

            Covers 15mm black cables

            cover by which a set of cables are inserted inside so that they are ordered, protected and grouped. (supplied per meter: 1 unit x 1 meter)Highly recommended to add quick introduction clip
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            Velcro strips

              15mm Cable Cover Clip

              Cable insertion clip for EasyCover case. For diameters of 15mm.
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