• Zalem Simuladores
  • Zalem PRO

    Destined for the most demanding hardware

    New range of cockpits PRO. The modularity and resistance carried to the extreme in these new models destined mainly to the high range of simracing like Fanatec clubsport, OSW and pedals PRO

  • Zalem V27 invertido

    ZALEM V27
    Logitech G27 Inverted

    Lets put the G25 or G27 pedals upside down to gain comfort, realism and driving precision. Get ready to dim the lights and curl up in front of your favorite racing simulator!

  • Zalem V27 Thrustmaster T500 rs

    ZALEM V27
    Thrustmaster T500

    Powerful Force Feedback steering wheel This highlights one of the best qualities of our simulator, its hardness. Our structure will send the full power of T500 directly to their hands to feel every bump or vibration like never before!

  • Zalem V27 Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

    ZALEM V27
    Thrustmaster TX

    Model designed to mount the first official XBOX-ONE wheel. Next-generation games like Forza Motorsport 5 passed to a new level of realism and squeeze the most of your talents as a pilot!

  • Modificaciones de volante real

    Logitech G27 / Thrustmaster T500 rs

    Change your standard steering wheel Logitech G25, G27 or Thrustmaster T500 RS steering wheel for real competition. With a larger diameter wheel and grip driving will be more real and accurate!

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Zalem Simulators 

Manufacture and distribution of driving simulators and flight 

Zalem Driving simulators can improve the feel and realism in their favorite racing games. GT6 driving games like Forza Motorsport 5, Iracig, Rfactor 2 to WRC4 a realistic position thanks to a fully adjustable sports seat structure and competition ensuring many hours of fun. Car video games and peripherals have reached a point of realism in his creation that even the best real pilots they use these technologies to improve their skills.

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